Fixing slow internet on a Laptop


Hotspot Creating a Hotspot from a phone, tablet, or the laptop itself boosts the internet connectivity by turning itself into a small router thus sharing internet connection with nearby devices. This option is better when not in an office or in a location with no option to have ethernet access.


Put the Laptop near the Router – The closer the laptop to the router the better, therefore a direct line of sight from the laptop to the router is better, without any obstacles such as walls and large objects in the way. Internet connection will be greatly diminished the further away especially if on different floors.


Turn off/close things that take up a lot of bandwidth The more devices on the network the more bandwidth is stretched so closing unneeded programs on the laptop and turning off unneeded technology will increase internet speeds on the wanted device. Examples of high bandwidth consuming apps are VOIPs, games and cloud services.


Restart laptop and router Smply restarting the devices can fix Wi-Fi problems as restating practically restarts everything else including Wi-Fi.


Power save mode Power save modes can influence internet connection, so it is better to have them turned off or at least always keep the laptop charger in.


Upgrade the Wi-Fi card – The laptop may not have come with a good Wi-Fi card and thus will need updating with a better one.

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