Activating BitLocker on Removable/External Storage Devices

1. Connect the external device to the PC.

2. Open the Start menu in the bottom left corner.

3. Search 'Control Panel' and open the App.

4. Click on System and Security.

5. Click on BitLocker Drive Encryption.

6. Under Removable data drives, click Turn on BitLocker.

7. Create a Password you will use to unlock the Drive.

8. Continue with Next.

9. Select the option you want the recovery key to be saved, preferred option is to save it to your Microsoft account.

10. Continue with Next.

11. Select how much of the Drive you want to be encrypted, the second option is preferred if you intend to put more data onto the Drive.

12. Continue with Next.

13. Select the type of encryption you want to use. The second option is preferre for removable Drives. 

14. Continue with Next.

15. Click the Start encrypting button.

16. Continue with the Close button.

17. External Drive will be encrypted upon finishing.

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