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Events / Event Calendar

1. Event Label - event label lets you filter search for events with a specific label on them.

2. Event Type - event type lets you filter search for event types, these can be set by the administrator. This filter allows for more than one type of input to be selected at once.

3. Manage Labels - manage labels lets you create labels that can be searched in the event label filter. Labels can be colour coded.

4. Add Event - add event button is for creating new events and adding them to the event calendar.

1. < > - arrow buttons go between different dates depending on the option chosen, if month is chosen the arrow keys will go to either the next month or the previous month, same for week (next/previous week), day (next/previous day) and list (next/previous month).

2. today - today button is used to go back to the current day when you are looking at different dates.

3. month - month button is used to set the calendar to go up in months.

4. week - week button is used to set the calendar to go up in weeks.

5. day - day button is used to set the calendar to go up in days.

6. list - list will list all events happening in the current month you are in.

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