Dashboard - CRM


1. Clock in/Clock out - allows you to clock in and out with the click of a button, administrators can see who is clocked in/clocked out or currently clocked in.

2. My open tasks - open tasks will show how many opened tasks are remaining, as well as have a button quick access to the Tasks tab.

3. Events today - events today shows the amount of events happening on the same day you view it, as well as a quick access button to the Events tab.

4. New posts - this shows any new posts in the Team Timeline, clicking on the button at the side will shortcut the Team Timeline.

1. Box - the box shows open projects and closed projects, members currently clocked in and members currently clocked out. the box will update on its own.

2. Project Timeline - project timeline shows the tasks and status of the current project being done, it shows task heading, status, date and project description.

  • Click on Task heading to open the task editor to edit what will happen in the task but also find out information on its status.

  • Click on Project description to open the whole project outline in the Project tab. This will show more information and how much of the project has been completed.

3. Invoice Statistics - invoice statistics shows the income coming into the business, invoices show as grey lines and will change depending on how much money has been sent, after all money is delivered it will show as a full green line. Each statistic is labelled on a monthly graph.

4. Ticket Status - ticket status shows the status of all tickets gone through the CRM, each staus has its own colour on the graph to destinguish easily.

1. Income vs Expenses - income vs expenses shows the percentage of income compared to expenses, the more green the better.

2. Events - events show the upcoming events in an ordered list with dates and different symbols/colour for the type of event in mention. The events can be clicked individually to open more details and accept/decline the event.

More details:

3. Sticky Note - sticky note allows for quick notes to be written down, that can only be seen by yourself, these notes will also save over on other days, not temporary.

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