Cannot type password to login

Preliminary/basic checks


1.     Check that if using numbers that the num lock key is not enabled, some keyboards show that it is on with a light, others will not. The num lock key prevents use of the numbers on the far-right number pad. Num lock key is located above the numbers.

2.      If you are trying to enter a letter and it will not type it, try other letters as the key you are trying to press may be broken.

3.    Simply restart the computer by holding down on the power button for around 30 seconds, this should close and reboot the computer which could fix the issue.

4.      If the keyboard doesn’t work but your mouse does, you can use the on-screen keyboard in the bottom right corner that lets you click the keys that you want.

5.     If using a stand-alone keyboard and it doesn’t work it could be faulty or not have the drivers installed or fully updated, you could use the onscreen keyboard to fix this via logging in with it and updating the drivers.

6.      Simply plugging and unplugging a keyboard could fix any issue. Try other USB ports too.



Change keyboard settings


Specific disability features can have impacts on entering passwords that have multiple of the same character in a row. Unless you have disabilities that make it harder for you to use a keyboard comfortably or without problems these should ideally be turned off. These can all be tuned in the Ease of Access settings.


1.      Sticky Keys – Sticky Keys cause multiple keys to be pressed at once which could hinder entering passwords.

2.      Filter Keys – Filter Keys prevent multiple of the same key being pressed in order or in conjunction.

3.     Toggle Keys – Toggle Keys allows you to turn off or on the ability to make Toggle Keys either play sounds when pressed or stay on for a short amount of time rather than turned off when clicked again.

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