Fixing 'random' restarts

Change/alter the current power settings

1. Open the Start menu in the bottom left corner.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Open System Settings.

4. Scroll down and select Power & sleep settings.

5. Scroll down the Power & sleep settings and click Additional power settings under Related settings.

6. When the Power Options panel opens, click Change plan settings.

7. Click Change advanced power settings.

8. In the advanced settings, it is good to alter the power settings slightly, usually reducing the minimum processor state, this may reduce performance but improve battery life and random restarts could be fixed this way.

Check device for overheating

Signs of overheating

1. Unexplained reboots or blue screen appearing can be a sign of overheating, the computer will shut down operations to cool down and protect internal components.

2. The computer itself may warn the user of overheating via a message or a sound, sometimes this will happen when trying to perform a function on the computer which will warn you cooling is not functioning properly.

3. When a computer is overheating the fans will compensate for this by blowing harder than normal, if you hear your computer making more noise than it usually does, it would be better to turn it off for a while. Especially important for laptops.

4. Download and install a free CPU temperature monitor program. These apps will monitor and how you all temperatures of your computer and offer fixes when they get too high or start to get a problem.

Test RAM for issues

1. Search Run in the Start menu search bar.

2. Open the Run app and type 'mdsched.exe'.

3. Continue with OK.

4. Choose Restart now and check for problems, the procedure will carry out.

5. Wait for the procedure to finish.

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