How to fix stuck Windows 10 updates

Wait - Before doing anything else it may be best to leave the update that looks stuck a couple of hours, in case they are installing but have no visual change or a visual glitch is interfering. This is becuase interfering with the update may make it take even longer next time you start it.

Updates may look stuck at a certain percentage often but are doing loarge scale updates that take longer than smaller ones, at any moment 35% could jump to 70%.

Restart - If you believe the updates are stuck whilst you can still use the computer you can restart the device from the Start menu, however if the computer is unusable whilst updating you must hold down the power button for about 30 seconds to restart the device.

Although the screen with say 'Do not turn off your computer', doing so will not have any major impact on the computer at all.

Troubleshooting - In the Update & Security section in the Settings, is a troubleshooting tab that will disaplay any troubleshoots that Windows itslef feels are necessary, these can include ones for Windows 10 updates.

Additionally, on the same Troubleshoot tab, under the recommended troubleshooters is a menu called 'Additional Troubleshooters'. Clicking this will let you troubleshoot various features yourself, from microphones and camera to windows updates and security.

Click Run the troubleshooter button for the computer to check over the computer for any errors or problems, if any are found it will recommend troubleshoot ooptions.

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