Reverting back to Windows 10 from Windows 11

Computer previously had Windows 10 / Roll back

1. Open the Start menu and navigate to the Settings App.

2. From the Settings, select System.

3. Scrolling down System Settings you should find the Recovery Settings (Reset, Advanced Startup, previous version of Windows), open it.

4. From the options listed, click Go back. (This will go back to the previous version of Windows, 10)

- This option will only show if the computer or the laptop had Windows 10 prior to Windows 11, becuase the computer needs to have knowledge that Windows 10 was installed at some point in order to roll back.

- Additionally, this option will only be available 10 days after upgrading to Windows 11. (Refer to the next section if there is no Go back option)

5. Answer the question and continue with Next.

6. Choose No Thanks to updates.

7. Continue all the way with Next.

8. System will restart and boot up in Windows 10 after the restoration.

Computer started in Windows 11 / No Go back feature available

This way of 'reverting' back to Windows 10 requires a full reinstallation of the Windows 10 operating system, this means all data on the device that isnt backed up or on cloud storage will be deleted. The best way to deal with this is to move all important files not saved on cloud to an external storage device such as a memory stick or external ssd/hdd. 

1. Go to the Windows 10 installation page.

2. Under Create Windows 10 Installation Media, download the tool.

3. After it has installed, open the download file.

4. If a pop-up asks if you want the download file to make changes, select Yes.

5. Accept the terms and conditions.

6. Select Upgrade this PC now and continue with Next.

7. When the download has finished, continue with Next and Accept.

8. From the choose what to keep screen, select Nothing, then continue with Next.

9. Click Install - depending on your computers power this could take a few minutes to several hours.

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