Fixing Outlook Office App not opening

Method One - Type 'Outlook.exe/resetnavplane' into the search bar in the Start menu. Resetting the navigation plane will reset Outlook to its default settings, dispelling anything that has altered it outside the app, which should fix Outlook once it has finished loading.

Method Two - Simply restarting the computer either from the start menu or ctrl+alt+del will reset the computer and fix any files that have become stuck for no noticeable reason.

Method Three - Booting up Outlook in safe mode and then resetting the App can fix many problems with the normal Outlook. To launch Outlook in safe mode, type into the search bar 'Outlook.exe/safe'. This will open Outlook in an older version with much less features than current Outlook. Close this old version and reopen normal Outlook, it may take a few tries but it should launch fine after.

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