Fixing a slow Laptop

End Programs running in the background Programs that you use can take up processing power, some more than others and these programs can also run in the background when you don’t have them open and not using them. To close these programs, you need to open Task Manager by searching ‘Task Manager’ in the search bar, bottom right.

May need to click more details in the bottom left corner.

In the Task Manager App, you can click the CPU and Memory titles to see which apps are taking up the most CPU usage or Memory usage, if there is an app taking up a lot you can use the End task button to close it, though it is better to know what you are ending before doing so.

Windows updates Windows rolls out updates regularly with driver updates and software patches. This could slow down your computer as well as leave your computer vulnerable to security breaches. Up to date Operating System will keep things running properly whilst reducing bugs that could cause further issues. To update the Operating System, you need to open the Settings in the Start menu.

Updates that are needed will be displayed under the You’re up to date Title, where instead of a green tick a yellow exclamation point will be shown. These updates are recommended to remain the constant speed of the computer as well as security, additionally optional updates may be listed underneath.

Upgrade Drive The type and age of a drive can have a big impact on performance and speed of computer. HDDs are the most common and because of their many moving parts they can take up a lot of power from a computer. Installing an SSD can help speed up performance and oping apps/files can be done quicker.


However, computer performance could be due to too much data on the drive itself which in that case it would be better to opt for more storage through upgrading drives or having USBs and external hard drives to hold old files you no longer need but could be useful keeping.

Upgrade RAM RAM stores the programs you are currently running so the higher the RAM the more programs you can run at the same time. RAM can be easily upgraded for faster performance. One of a computers main task is multitasking so the better it can be processed the better the computer will run.

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