How to cancel my account?

To cancel your services with Switch My Server

  1. Log into your Customer area

  2. Click on ‘Services’ on the top menu and then ‘My Services’ in the drop down menu

  3. Click on ‘View Details’

  4. Select ‘Manage Actions’

  5. Click on ‘Request Cancellation’

  6. Enter reasons and improvements for your cancellations

  7. Select cancellation type, ‘Immediately’ (will be cancelled within 24 hours) ‘End of billing period’ (end of your billing cycle)

  8. Click on ‘Request Cancellation’

  9. You will receive a confirmation email

  10. Cancel any direct debits or PayPal subscriptions.

If you do not receive your cancellation confirmation email please contact our Customer Services Team.

We may request further identification verification in some circumstances in order to protect your account from being canceled by an unauthorized third party.

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