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Business Broadband
By having a business broadband connection into your organisation’s premises, you can be confident that your team will be able to work efficiently with a faster, more reliable connection. While residential properties may opt for ADSL, or smaller fibre package suitable for occasional internet users, that would not fit the criteria for premises which operate as a business.

Business broadband is normally available at faster speeds than residential, which would make web browsing, video calls and data downloading much easier and quicker. Most providers offer standard speeds of up to 76Mb, with some premium connections rising as high as 1Gb. With residential broadband, generally you get a dynamic IP address, meaning it will change regularly. Business broadband provides a static IP address, allowing you to use your connection for a variety of business reasons such as hosting on-site servers, file sharing, remote access and ensuring client connections without complication.

At Switch My Server we have an excellent relationship with some of the UK leading broadband providers, such as BT, Virgin and TalkTalk, with packages that come in a range of different speeds to suit your requirements, so you can easily upgrade your connection in line with your businesses growth.

Telecoms Services

Every call to your business deserves a professional response and experience, at any time or day and from anywhere. Many consumers expect this, and it all starts from the moment they pick up the phone and dial your number. At Switch My Server we can help you deliver that experience to your customers and provide the right tools and resources to do so.

Are you looking to implement or replace your PBX system? With 3CX there is no need to worry about complex installation and management. The 3CX system can be completely in the cloud or on premise, the choice is yours. Our team will assist with the deployment and setup of 3CX and if you prefer full management of the system. With telephone system you can have a local or nation telephone to provide to your customers to contact you. 3CX even has a mobile App, so you can receive and make calls directly on your mobile on the go, never a miss business call again. 3CX is a fantastic solution for small to enterprise businesses and even comes with call centre functionality, including reporting and wallboards. When working remotely or home office, 3CX makes it simple and easy for your remote workers, allowing them to take their extension with them and have it on their mobile phones or even desktop computer or laptops. With unlimited extensions, there is plenty of room for expansion with in your team.

3CX Mobile Apps

Fast Technical Support
We provide our customers with fast, reliable technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Enhanced Security
We offer superior security on all of the services we offer, providing you and your business the peace of mind that your data is secure.
Global Data Centres
By having servers in many data centres around the world, we provide both resilience and choice.
Integrity Guarantee
Our commitment is to never confuse people with technical jargon, and we will never add unnecessary extras.

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