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The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has issued a warning to all UK businesses who use Microsoft email servers, also known as Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft released information regarding multiple groups taking advantage of a hack of its clients’ on-premise email servers. Microsoft was made aware of this in January and released a… Continue Reading UK Businesses warned to urgently update their Microsoft email servers

WORKING SMARTER TO GET BIGGER AND BETTER FOR A SUPERIOR IT WORLD! With a mission to provide customers with the best maintained server hosting on offer, Switch My Server Limited are absolutely committed to meeting their expectations and giving customers an exceptional experience. In order to maintain the highest standards… Continue Reading Switch My Server Announce Launch of New Server Locations

In a recent update, a new option has been added to Microsoft Teams that could help users working from home, where they can’t quite catch what someone said when on a conference meeting. Live Captions could resolve this very easily, allowing for uninterrupted meetings filled with people asking others to… Continue Reading Live Captions on Microsoft Teams

In the digital world, no one questions the importance of the website for a company. Regardless of the segment or size of your business, a web page is the minimum digital presence that an organisation must present to guarantee its credibility In the digital world, no one questions the importance… Continue Reading How important it is to have a website for your business?