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The whistleblowing caused a firestorm after leaking internal private documents detailing how the company failed to address the negative effects of its social media products. Frances Haugen, a data scientist who worked at Facebook as a product manager on the civil integrity team said the social media platform has lied… Continue Reading Facebook Whistleblower continues to put pressure on the social media giant

OpenSea CEO Devin finzer has confirmed in a company blog post that one of the company’s employees had used insider trading methods to purchase NFTs (Unique digital tokens linked to art).In the blog post, finzer added that the discovery was “incredibly disappointing” and didn’t represent the team’s core values. OpenSea,… Continue Reading OpenSea employee used insider trading to buy NFTs

Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting for the iPhone 13 to be announced but finally, it has been announced at apples yearly launch event which last year was spread out into 3 separate events when announcing separate products due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the iPhone 13 announced other versions… Continue Reading Apple finally announces the iPhone 13 at a consumer event

For the first time in a decade, Microsoft has announced they are increasing the prices for office 365 and Microsoft 365 next year. This will only go through for users that use the service for business and commercial use with student users being exempt. This news comes as Microsoft reports… Continue Reading Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscription prices are getting increased announces Microsoft

The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has issued a warning to all UK businesses who use Microsoft email servers, also known as Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft released information regarding multiple groups taking advantage of a hack of its clients’ on-premise email servers. Microsoft was made aware of this in January and released a… Continue Reading UK Businesses warned to urgently update their Microsoft email servers

WORKING SMARTER TO GET BIGGER AND BETTER FOR A SUPERIOR IT WORLD! With a mission to provide customers with the best maintained server hosting on offer, Switch My Server Limited are absolutely committed to meeting their expectations and giving customers an exceptional experience. In order to maintain the highest standards… Continue Reading Switch My Server Announce Launch of New Server Locations

In a recent update, a new option has been added to Microsoft Teams that could help users working from home, where they can’t quite catch what someone said when on a conference meeting. Live Captions could resolve this very easily, allowing for uninterrupted meetings filled with people asking others to… Continue Reading Live Captions on Microsoft Teams