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At Switch My Server, we believe we are more than just an IT company. We understand that not everyone understands the technical aspects associated with IT, so our commitment to you is that we will never confuse you with computing buzzwords. Our team have learned over the years of working with different companies that IT can be complicated to those who do not work in the industry, so we endeavour to be different. We want to provide the best service at a fair price and at every step along your journey with us, we will provide all the information and options so that you can make the right choice to suit your business. Every part of your project is fully documented so that you know exactly what to expect, and when each stage will be delivered. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will always explain the technical aspects of your project in a language you will understand, every time – as many times as necessary.

Based in South Yorkshire, UK, our products and services are available to customers in both the UK and worldwide, with our servers residing in different countries around the world for security and stability. We are confident that you will love the service we provide and hope that you will trust in us to look after your IT needs again and again. To help you be certain you have made the right choice, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee on all our products with no questions asked, from the activation of your product.

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Fast Technical Support
We provide our customers with fast, reliable technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Enhanced Security
We offer superior security on all of the services we offer, providing you and your business the peace of mind that your data is secure.
Global Data Centres
By having servers in many data centres around the world, we provide both resilience and choice.
Integrity Guarantee
Our commitment is to never confuse people with technical jargon, and we will never add unnecessary extras.

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